The “Lederers” - Pioneers in brewing. Christian Lederer knew early on that there were vast possiblities for the brewing techniques of the 19th century. This is how the Lederer Brewery came to be the first Brewery in Nürnberg that used the power of steam. His son returned from England with a Saccarometer which measures the original extract of the Beer helping to contiously brew good beer.
The train “Adler” and 2 kegs of Lederer On the 11th of June 1836 2 kegs of Lederer were the first freight on the first German Railway going from Nürnberg to Fürth.
Beer deliveries then and now. To the left a picture of an old brewery-car from 1964 - to the right current delivery Transportation.
On August 9th 1966 the last Lederer Beer delivery was made with the horse drawn carriage in Nürnberg Germany.