Our hop - soul of Beer The hops was established in Germany around the year 1000 as a medicinal plant.  The monks and nns took advantage of the erennial climber, not medically, rather for the preservation of drinks.  The hoppy Beer is their invention. Hops gives Beer its bitter taste and at the same time ensures the foamy crown.  Our bremasters use the select”Hallertau” aromatic hops in the different Varieies of: “Tradition”  for the fine bitters, “Select” for the discreet citrus notes and “Saphir” for a spicy floral bouquet.
Our water -source of life We place the highest demands on our water, at 90% the most important raw material in our Beers. The crystal clear water from our on water protection area in Rednitzauen is one of the reasons for the excellent and taste of our Beers.
Our Malt - heart of Beer Depending on the characteristics and the mix - the malt provides a distinctive flavor variety and abundance. We at Tucher brew - true to our philosophy - only with malts from classified grain varieties such as “Marhte”, “Grace” or “Prestige” … this way each beer gets its own character in taste and optics. The variety of colors ranging from bright gold tones and chestnut with red highlights to a deep sparkling black-brown.  Also the malt variety decides the feel and taste in the mouth and on the tongue - full bodied, spicy, soft and rounded.
Our Yeast - no fermentation without it … First, the yeast ensures the alcoholic fermentation. What sounds simple, requires technical skill, but above all the sensitive touch of our “Yeast Master”.  As a specialist he selects each perfect yeast culture for our different Beers. With our special Brewer’s yeast we ensure a consistent high quality.  Therefore, the bottom-fermented yeast and the top-fermented “Sapienza master yeast” for our Beers are choosen from our own “purebreads”.
The Purity Law for Beer … We, at Tucher, are rooted and commited to our craft and the oldest food law in the world - The Purity Law for Beer - this law was proclaimed by the bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV on the 23rd of April 1516 in Ingoldstadt, Germany. Until this date it is said that there were the most adventorous ideas to give Beer a special taste.  The addition of herbs, Jimson weed and mushrooms has been reported.  Since the adoption of the “Purity Law”, brewed Beer may only contain water, hops and barley.  Yeast cultures were not classified since they were not used at this time.
Golden Price from DLG - The international Quality Test for Beer (most important Beer Award Germany’s) We always intend to provide you with outstanding Tucher beers and to impress you with the superior quality and taste of our products. And so in keeping with these goals we are proud to announce that our Tucher beers continiously garner gold medals in the DLG - international quality test for Beer.
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