Dear customer, every year, our master brewers take part in the exacting quality competition of the Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (DLG) - the German Agricultural Association, in Berlin. In 2016, we will of course continue to produce superbly tasting, top quality beers. Moreover, 2016 will be a very particular year for all Bavarian brewers.  The oldest food regulation in the world that still exists today - i.e. the Bavarian Beer Purity Law - is celebrating its 500th anniversary. Despite its old age, this regulation is still of great importance today.  The fact that we brew our Tucher beers in strict accodance with the Bavarian purity regulation is a guarantee for you and your customers that for our beers we only use barley, hops, water and malt. That’s why we are particularly pleased to announce that 4 Tucher Beers ere awarded a price for their outstanding beer quality.   The Beers that have garned a DLG Gold Medal are; Tucher Helles Hefeweizen, Tucher Pilsener, Tucher Franconian Dark and Tucher Reifbräu. The DLG Beer quality contest The jury was composed of 10 experts from the renowned brewery research and training organization Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei (VLB) in Berlin and from Technische Universität München / Weihenstephan (a branch of the Munich Technical University). During the three month long evaluation period, each beer underwent a battery of laboratory tests, analyses, microbiological tests and sensory tests.  Based on the point score a bronze, silver or gold German Agricultural Association Medal was awarded.  One out of every five beers tested by the DLG received no Medal at all.  Beers that are awarded a DLG Medal are a consumers guarantee that the product is of particularly high quality. we will of course continue to provide you with top quality beers. The Tucher Brewery upholds the high standards of Bavarian beer brewing extending back to 1672 - which means using the purest ingredients available, as our master brewers have been doing for more than 350 years. All Tucher Beers are brewed in strict accordance with the Bavarian purity regulations dating to 1516. Our passion for beer is reflected by our careful attention to detail.